What our clients say about us



What Our Clients Say About Us

Our aim to to match clients with their perfect property in the right area at the right budget. We take great satisfaction in helping people find that forever home and here are just a few quotes from some of our recent clients that have been delighted with our work.

Latest Testimonials

“BIG thank you to Julie who helped us move to our perfect cottage. We were downsizing from a 4 bed family house to something easier  for me and my husband to manage. However, after years of living in a big house it was  really hard to see the benefits of a smaller place. Julie helped us to see how we could live very happy in a smaller home with a smaller garden and gave us the confidence to make the leap. We are very happy in our 2 bed cottage in Matlock and have loads more free time to enjoy ourselves, we have more time for family and have even taken up cycling again! Thanks Julie”.

Mr & Mrs Chambers – Downsizers

“When I was offered a promotion to my companies Derby office, my family and I were very excited at the prospect until we thought about moving house. We are Londoners and know nothing about Derbyshire. We contacted Julie, seeing that she specialises in finding property in the Peak District and spoke an length over the phone to give her our endless list of requirements. You know the sort of thing, no more then 45 minute commute, good schools, village atmosphere but reduced traffic noise, 4 bedrooms, large garden and room for a pony etc etc!!.

Julie contacted us to say she had found some properties in our price range that met the most important items on our wish list. We spent a weekend over in Derbyshire, based ourselves at a hotel in Matlock and the search began. Julie had it all arranged for us so we could make best use of our time.  After a long couple of days, we narrowed it down to two houses and made an offer, with Julies help on the one we decided on. After a bit of negotiating from Julie, our offer was accepted and we moved in a few weeks later. The new job is going great and our new home is amazing…thanks to Julie.

Mr & Mrs Reynolds – Relocators

“Thanks to Julie for helping us find our first home together. Apart from having a budget and an idea of where we wanted to live, we were clueless how to start our search. We’d drive around aimlessly at weekends discounting property with out even viewing!

Julie really made us think hard about what were our ‘deal breakers’ and what we could be flexible on which helped loads. We eventually went for a re-furbished 2 bed semi in Wessington near Alfreton.

Although not strictly in the Peak District, it suits us perfectly as one of us works in Alfreton and the other in Mansfield, so the commute is easy.  The house was in move in condition which was ideal for us as we are not great at DIY! At weekends, there are plenty of local walks on the area, a great pub and we are just a stones throw from all that the Peak District offers.”.

The Pooles – First Time Buyers

“Moving house, one of the most stressful things you can do, we knew we needed a bigger place for our growing family but loved our little two bed in Balsow, it was our first home together. Not having much time, we both work long hours and have a young family, so we decided to employ the services of an expert. We couldn’t have chosen better with Julie, she understood our needs and was sensitive to our feelings that it was going to be a big wrench to leave our beloved cottage. She made us realise there were other bigger properties out there that were within budget that still gave us that ‘warm and fuzzy feeling’ when we walked in. I think we may have pushed Julies endless patience to the limit, but a few weeks later we are the proud owners of a 4 bed detached in Calver which is an amazing village with great access to all the peaks can offer” and still only a 30 minute commute to work on the outskirts of Sheffield. So thanks Julie for your understanding and patience, we are already recommending you to any friends who mention moving house!”.

Mr & Mrs Cook – Moving to a bigger property