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Project Description

Elizabethan Historic House

Harwick Hall is an estate of two houses, the Old Hall built in 1591 was one of the finest Elizabthan mansions of it’s time. It now lies largely ruined but you can still see the scale and the majesty of the hall. The main Hall built by Bess of Hardwick is still one of the countries finest Elizabethan Mansions.

Bess of Hardwick was  a formidable and talented woman, who was responsible for the creation of both Hardwick Hall and Chatsworth House. Her four short-lived marriages led to her becoming the Countess of Shrewsbury and one of the richest women in Elizabethan England with high ambitions of her descendants attaining the throne of England. The design of the Hall was radical at the time as it had large glazed windows, a sign of wealth, this lead to the famous phrase of ‘ Hardwick Hall, more glass than wall’!

There are many things to see and do at Hardwick from strolling through the magnificent gardens to a hike on the parkland, to stepping back in time visiting the Hall. There are also various opportunities to treat yourself in the gift shops or relax in the Great Barn Restaurant for a snack or a meal cooked by the Head Chef who uses as much produce from the gardens as is possible and in season.

To plan your day out and see all of the events taking place at Hardwick, please see their website at the National Trust site.